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Definition of confederate:

  1. A person or a nation united in a league with others; an ally; an accomplice.
  2. To ally; to unite together in a league with others.
  3. United in a league; allied by treaty.


partner in crime, incorporated, sympathizer, federate, core, backer, participator, attendant, colleague, co-worker, the Bay of Pigs, cooperator, brave, the Axis, assistant, centurion, accessory, retainer, counterpart, baby, opposite number, follower, henchman, accomplice, junior, ANZAC, alumnus, quisling, southern, confederated, Armistice Day, slaveholding, unionized, subordinate, south of the Mason Dixon line, branch, pardner, conquistador, unify, collaborationist, allied, workmate, ensign, academician, combined, Benedict Arnold, arriviste, charter member, leagued, unification, the Allies, conspirator, fellow traveler, relief, partner, organized, Auschwitz, in alliance, knight, the Berlin Wall, dragoon, superior, federate, slave, copartner, in cahoots, in league, antebellum, corporate, federal, unified, cohort, companion, commissioner, connect, unity, collaborator, associated, helper, Rebel, the Battle of Britain, glue, band together, syndicated, amalgamated, joined, supporter, leaguer, abettor, align, help, politics, bedfellow, abetter _or_ abettor, fellow, united, coadjutor, coalitionist, league, fusilier, confederative, cavalryman.

Usage examples: