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Definition of confer:

  1. To give or bestow; to consult together; to converse; to bring to or contribute.


impart, meditate, Cf, claver, parley, distribute, confabulate, hand, vest, chat, shoot the breeze, consider, meet, chit-chat, reflect, add, confab, see also, talk through, weigh, treat, lavish, bring, deliberate, converse, ponder, look up, accord, hand over, contribute, powwow, confer with, cf., jaw, discuss, present, clear the air, chew the fat, chitchat, claver, collect, give, help, consult, argue, chatter, canvass, negotiate, grant, award, natter, lend, see, bestow, words, chaffer, yield, gossip, part with, visit, refer, talk, debate.

Usage examples: