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Definition of conference:

  1. The act of conversing on any important subject; a discussion between two or more for mutual instruction, as committees or delegates.


league, powwow, collection, club, dialogue, all-American, company, AGM, annual meeting, conferment, flash mob, assemble, backfield, panel discussion, flock, roundtable, multitude, conferring, ring, center forward, give, gathering, back, palaver, ingathering, rap, bestowment, words, interchange, round-robin, argy-bargy, meet with, give-and-take, get-together, collect, back-and-forth, conferral, concourse, audioconferencing, consult, accordance, ventilation, congregate, circuit, confab, blue, throng, host, bestowal, gather, conclave, loop, crowd, convocation, group discussion, grant, argumentation, presentation, ballplayer, audience, meet, colloquy, counsel, colloquium, assemblage, appointment, organization, convene, association, rap session, group, deliberation, center, muster, troop, briefing, boy.

Usage examples: