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Definition of confess:

  1. To admit or own; to acknowledge, as a crime or fault; to disclose or avow; to admit or assent to as true; to hear the confession of another, as a Roman Catholic priest does.


knowledge, avouch, own, relate, rat, allow, confession, profess, blackleg, acknowledge, cop to, allow, affirm, scab, conclave, accept, bull, concede, grant, altar boy, Anglo-Catholic, yield, fess up, aver, Catholicism, disclose, witness, concede, fess, protest, recognize, squeal, apostolic, pretend, fink, own up, cede, Catholic, shrive, take back, endorse, agree, let on, state, admit, come clean, eat humble pie, make a clean breast of something, avow, cop, eat crow, acknowledge, oink, eat your words, certify.

Usage examples: