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Definition of confide:

  1. Confiding.
  2. To trust; to rely on; to commit to the charge of; to believe in; to deliver into the possession of another for safe keeping.


pull, leave, bank, rely, repose, perpetrate, institutionalize, swear, offload, trust, put, send, dedicate, charge, breathe, whisper, words, invest, transfer, admit, place, disclose, devote, let (it) slip, transmit, hand over, practice, give away, institutionalise, hand, deliver, lay something bare, intrust, turn over, consecrate, reveal, give over, consign, believe, divulge, give, leak, commend, show, recommend, relegate, tell, hope, desire, delegate, assign, commit, vest, pass, spill the beans, entrust, betray.

Usage examples: