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Definition of confine:

  1. See Imprison.


hold back, agree, repress, sustain, bound, cut into, arrest, have got, shut away, make, bear, enfold, harbour, nurse, bounce, squeeze out, snare, oblige, intimidate, determine, harbor, rebound, take for, concord, leap, take, recoil, reverberate, shut off, apply, close in, hold down, conceal, strangle, jump, commit, define, wrap, strangulate, enclose, abridge, cumber, quarantine, doctor, admit, border, intern, withstand, keep down, pen in, kill off, guard, wall, spring, keep back, detain, deem, lock, view as, restrain, shut up, maintain, enwrap, prevail, withhold, resile, examine, set, stick in, take a hop, cap, hold in, support, put in, throttle, obtain, limited, have, halt, limit, carry, adjudge, curtail, declare, ensnare, cut back, insert, kill, book, curb, bar, concur, give, entertain, fix, regulate, specify, inclose, stamp out, diagnose, defy, trammel, accommodate, suppress, reserve, entrap, stay, choke, moderate, introduce, bedside manner, delay, immure, keep in, hold up, defend, lock in, hold, free, circumscribe, cure, interfere with, ricochet, obligate, qualify, go for, take hold, throw, caseload, keep under, retain, restrict, encumber, shut in, certify, check.

Usage examples: