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Definition of confinement:

  1. Restraint within limits; imprisonment; seclusion; voluntary restraint in any way; restraint by sickness- applied to a woman in childbirth.


lying-in, parturition, free, limitation, travail, keeping, labor movement, project, life imprisonment, the afterbirth, ward, check, toil, childbirth, circumscription, labour, freedom, internment, anti-choice, immurement, extraordinary rendition, bear, amniotic fluid, charge, life sentence, effort, sweat, arrive, release, repression, birth, task, quarantine, parturiency, impoundment, baby shower, stint, accouchement, exertion, delivery, elbow grease, closeness, life, custody, chains, undertaking, childbed, rein, limited, coercion, hard labor, correctional, labor, trade union movement, antenatal, amniocentesis, proletariat, safekeeping, curb, baby blues, working class.

Usage examples: