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Definition of confirm:

  1. To add strength to; to fix or settle; to assure or ratify; to admit to full Christian privileges by the laying on of hands.


patronage, swan, put up, suffer, sanction, employ, pass, vindicate, endure, aver, corroborate, swear, maintain, avow, back up, strengthen, promote, OK, sustain, subscribe, body forth, substantiate, strong, sign on, patronise, patronize, sympathize, keep up, prove, keep going, baptize, indorse, substantiate, underpin, hold up, stomach, clear, abide, benediction, evidence, prolong, anthem, embody, support, settle, hire, baptise, bear, justify, realize, bear out, amen, brook, actualise, the Book of Common Prayer, affirm, digest, celebrate, establish, engage, point to, harden, reassert, gel, get, crystallize, true, sustain, adopt, assert, incarnate, stick out, get behind, make/prove your/a point, plunk for, crystalize, appoint, ratify, speak up for, retain, corroborate, catechism, back, baptism, uphold, have, fend for, ally, defend, vouch for, homologate, plump for, recruit, call down, law, show, underline, actualize, fortify, hold, nourish, keep, realise, solidify, assure, reinforce, formalize, argue, make certain, stand, nurture, finalize, take on, fix, agree with, tolerate, align, accredit, sign.

Usage examples: