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Definition of confirmation:

  1. The act of fixing, settling, or making more certain; evidence; proof; convincing testimony; admission to full Christian communion by laying on of the hands of the bishop.


tab, cancellation, annulment, ratification, substantiation, the Book of Common Prayer, loyalty, accusation, deterrent, solidarity, recognition, announcement, allegation, cheque, impediment, true, baulk, stoppage, bridle, check, apologia, backing, anthem, celebrate, curb, baptize, voucher, testimonial, hitch, balk, witness, championship, advocacy, passage, hindrance, amen, halt, moral support, visa, defense, disapproval, consecration, assay, baptise, catechism, stop, apology, law, tick, proving, accord, check-out procedure, sympathies, call down, nod, chit, arrest, checkout, verification, reinforcement, check mark, testament, chip, hinderance, handicap, bank check, benediction, stay.

Usage examples: