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Definition of conflict:

  1. A dashing or striking together of two bodies; a contest; a battle; strife; contention; distress; agony.
  2. To strike or dash against; to strive or struggle together; to contend; to fight.


passage of arms, grapple, dustup, scrimmage, disunion, departure, dissentience, scrap, strain, belligerency, fighting, fray, face-off, duel, difference, a war of words, infringe, appointment, bout, take issue with someone/something, remainder, affair, dispute, booking, contravene, pressure, engagement, involution, dogfight, division, difficulty, competition, stress, disquiet, difference of opinion, tug-of-war, participation, mesh, impinge, schism, encroach, fracas, worry, skirmish, bloodbath, blood, misunderstanding, fight, interlocking, agree, involvement, riotousness, trouble, concern, match, struggle, date, inharmony, ball game, sweepstakes, anxiety, competitiveness, employment, infighting, contravention, react against, brutality, hot war, bloodletting, rivalry, betrothal, scrum, faction, jar, hostilities, alarm, distress, troth, ambivalence, action, battle, meshing, conflagration, run afoul.

Usage examples: