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Definition of conform:

  1. To comply with or yield to; to act according to; to comply with; to make similar or like; to reduce to a like form or shape; to make agreeable to.


steer a course, coordinate, tailor, chord, attune, match, behave, aline, put, doctor, bear/stand comparison (with), have something in common (with something), discipline yourself, set, assort, adapt, harmonize, groove, fashion, square, shape, key, correspond, line up, befit, compensate, abide by, become, revert to, treat, mind, suit, chime in, follow, comport, same, chime, align, stylize, comport with, condition, parallel, check, change, acclimatize, keep, recognize, tune, dovetail, coincide, conciliate, proportion, approximate, edit, amount to, tally, consist, carry out, adjust, answer, go, consort, conventionalize, accord with, reconcile, accord, usual, rhyme, be your normal self, fit, sort, correct, go with, conduct yourself, adhere to, accommodate, acclimate, jibe, blend, quadrate, acclimatize.

Usage examples: