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Definition of congress:

  1. A meeting; an assembly of persons for the settlement of affairs between different states or countries; the legislature of the United States of America.


copulation, lovemaking, order, telling, Capitol Hill, sorority, conclave, company, college, audience, society, consortium, AGM, powwow, sex act, relation, relation back, relations, carnal knowledge, apparatus, mating, government, sexual relation, legislative body, fraternity, assemblage, confederation, sexual intercourse, huddle, institution, brotherhood, city hall, copulating, recounting, sex, assemble, get-together, federation, crowd, colloquium, institute, bureaucracy, collect, sexual congress, social intercourse, fellowship, organization, coitus, guild, troop, audioconferencing, Union, group, coition, coupling, muster, relative, united states congress, sexual relations, convocation, city council, annual meeting, appointment, intercourse, deliberative assembly, briefing, commerce, association, club, gathering, sodality.

Usage examples: