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Definition of conjunction:

  1. Union; connection; in astron., the meeting of two or more planets in the same part of the heavens, or in the direct line of the eye, as the moon with the sun at new moon; in gram., a joining or connecting word.


federation, happenstance, mixture, hybrid, and/or, co-occurrence, confederation, sexual union, community, society, accompaniment, conjunctive, connecter, fellowship, coalition, near, mix, company, companionship, concurrence, coordinating conjunction, correlative, conjugation, combo, and, meeting of minds, confluence, compound, junction, fraternity, mating, unification, union, assuming, participation, jumble, connective, lodge, albeit, alinement, amalgam, join, combination, confederacy, although, corporation, articulation, continuative, convergency, partnership, association, alignment, attendant, uniting, adjunction, 'cause, coincidence, blend, connector, club, friendship, familiarity, concomitant, connexion, concoction, colligation, causal, cooperation, concurrency, pairing.

Usage examples: