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Definition of conjure:

  1. To act in some manner by supernatural influence; to practise magic arts.
  2. To call on or summon by a sacred name; to implore solemnly.


appeal, go on, conjure up, offer, paint a picture, compress, put up, lambast, upgrade, energize, produce, recruit, cite, submit, exhort, reproof, berate, call on the carpet, rear, stimulate, name, contract, do, invite, complot, have words, petition, jaw, enchant, dress down, bid, awake, nurture, heighten, beg, enhance, mention, implore, call forth, chew up, bawl out, extract, charm, state, upraise, suggest, plead, rouse, sex, advance, levy, kick upstairs, constrict, impetrate, call upon, tender, awaken, energise, supplicate, waken, get up, erect, come alive, ch, prepare, leaven, elevate, urge on, budge, urge, put forward, touch, lift, reboot, besiege, solicit, weight-lift, posit, adjure, enkindle, machinate, nominate, iron, shake up, sue, excite, promote, be, invoke, trounce, chide, fight, wind up, remonstrate, shift, amuse, take to task, squeeze, wake up, rebuke, crave, fire, importune, request, chew out, reprimand, agitate, prove, press, press out, pray, boot, perk up, provoke, set up, emcee, parent, call, evoke, cabal, appear, rag, devise, elicit, turn on, resurrect, kick up, iron out, advert, shake, ask, weightlift, raise, organise, campaign, weigh, lambaste, compact, kindle, push, call down, farm, grow, debut, scold, stir, beseech, arouse, extemporize, organize, crusade, educe, draw out, refer, collude, entertain, conspire, entreat, lecture, wake, brace, bring up, assert, wish.

Usage examples: