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Definition of connection:

  1. State of being fastened together; act of fastening together; junction by an intervening substance or medium; just relation to something precedent or subsequent; coherence.


tie-in, intermediary, connected, friend, data link, board, continuative, near, club, inter-group communication, connector, combining, confederation, central reservation, kinship, afloat, applicability, aisle seat, reciprocity, about, conjunctive, association, tie-up, bicycle lane, confederacy, relations, confidante, lodge, link, firm friends, connotation, capacity, connecting, mate, vertex, chemistry, interdependence, post, assembly, tie, fraternity, companionship, suggestion, chicane, reconciliation, berth, interdependent, fastening, reach, agent, place, carpool lane, messenger, nexus, go-between, with, ridge, collaboration, situation, unification, materiality, together with, amigo, connectedness, buddy, bike lane, arr., source, acquaintance, intimate, relevance, camber, linkup, seam, involved, chum, merging, interrelated, bookable, telecommunications, partnership, connecter, corporation, appointment, joining, company, fellowship, associated with, allied, billet, participation, patch through, wi-fi, join, community, linkage, booking office, linking, corner, bend, connect, related, aboard, suggest, society, connexion, interrelationship, corresponding, bus, rapport, inseparable, node, interconnection, book on, liaison, bearing, teledensity, cloverleaf, companion, associate, function, synonymous, position, cooperation, connective, federation, booking, radio link, combination, relevancy, familiarity, hookup, girlfriend, friendship.

Usage examples: