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Definition of conquer:

  1. To overcome by physical force, as an enemy in battle; to vanquish; to defeat; to subdue by argument or by moral influence; to gain by perseverance or effort.


impound, put down, climb, mortify, chase, reduce, best, quash, mop up, lick, climbing wall, chastise, prehend, beat, enamor, strike, subjugate, sequester, pommel, stamp down, thrash, make a pass at someone, bewitch, get over, defeat, arrogate, clutch, humble, enchant, smite, win, charm, set aside, seize, hold, repress, castigate, ace, checkmate, crucify, run after, surpass, crush, tame, surmount, curtail, canyoneering, limit, belabor, wrap up, triumph over, get, get around, do down, overcome, keep down, earmark, go someone one better, clinch, worst, take, defeat, captivate, subdue, inhibit, flirt, restrict, usurp, overmatch, spank, scourge, confine, ascent, attach, confiscate, romp ahead, climbing, take over, sweep someone off their feet, skunk, enamour, be placed first/second etc., contain, overthrow, overmaster, trance, curb, ask out, cudgel, discomfit, besiege, dispatch, cut back, caving, switch, check, pound, subdue, rout, suppress, vanquish, chat up, bastinado, entrance, prevail over, occupy, pair off, stop, flog, trim, overpower, cure, beguile, notch up, appropriate, storm, base camp, capture, reserve, master, have your eye on someone, down, assume, grab, bottle up, get hold of, subject, ascend, annex, climber, pick up, overbear, determine, bruise, moderate, sweep, becharm, upend, catch, fascinate, allow, regulate, batter, abseil, invade, pacify, chasten, hold in.

Usage examples: