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Definition of consecrate:

  1. To make or declare sacred; to set apart or dedicate to the service and worship of God; to render venerable or make respected.


institutionalize, religion, baptise, afford, call down, charge, grant, collapse, put, sign, the Book of Common Prayer, range, ordinate, benediction, invest, celebrate, hand, gift, founder, sacred, throw, purify, regulate, hallowed, establish, leave, set up, sacrosanct, ceremony, practice, tell, render, contemplation, ordain, enact, order, regularize, open, commit, break, make, enjoin, sacral, pass on, blessed, vow, rank, yield, place, feed, give, pay, prescribe, hallow, catechism, align, coordinate, consecrated, amen, have, dictate, dedicated, send, move over, institutionalise, ease up, say, baptism, bless, anthem, sacrifice, arrange, pass, intrust, pull, turn over, grade, govern, apply, votive, circumcise, confide, cave in, confession, rate, hold, perpetrate, celebrant, reach, trust, fall in, kick in, entrust, devote, impart, chip in, purge, sanctify, baptize, contribute, regularise, blessing, circumcision, present, sanctified, return, ordained, give way, generate.

Usage examples: