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Definition of conservative:

  1. Able to preserve from loss, decay, or injury.
  2. That which preserves; in politics, one opposed to unwarranted or hasty changes in the state.


ultraconservative, holding to, old-school, chary, brief, mossbacked, reactionary, unflashy, speculative, obstinate, reasonable, discreet, backless, rearguard, fair, dweeb, opinionated, unprogressive, drongo, traditionalist, unpretentious, conventional, disliking novelty, Tory, protective, moderate, closed, clingy, some, rigid, right, old-line, materialistic, perhaps, repressed, blimpish, traditional, hidebound, fogey, around, best, orthodox, rightist, cautious, plain, bourgeois, unchanging, understated, in a rut, standpat, not extreme, brassbound, restraint, old-fashioned, nonprogressive, undaring, opposed to change, intolerant, considerate, backward, preserving, casual, illiberal, fusty, dinosaur, safe, diehard, Tory, mercenary, careful, conserving, rightist, right-wing, stubborn, help, buttoned-up, timid, die-hard, about, constant, worldly-minded, guarded, low-key, subdued, fart, bloody-minded, right-winger, taking no chances, paleoconservative, politics, in a groove, button-down, keep, circumspect, maybe, inflexible, boot-cut, right-wing, narrow, bore, archconservative, drip, heedful, bingo, unreconstructed, stable, narrow-minded, traditionalistic, reactionary, alert, baggy, preservative, middle class, what, muted, conservativist, wary, toned-down, buttoned-down, anorak, button-through, A-line, gingerly, right-of-center, firm.

Usage examples: