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Definition of consider:

  1. To fix the mind on; to think on with care; to ponder; to meditate on; to reflect; to deliberate.


guide, drive, recall, remove, perspective, count on, cut into, witness, negotiate, direct, pass on, demand, charter, control, talk over, require, contain, pick out, respect, hire, affect, deliberate, look, distribute, reach, cypher, feel, exact, take, take on, insure, honor, encounter, sell, construe, project, question, postulate, concern yourself, look at, dish out, chew on, visualize, grant, delve, upset, moot, acquire, have, take something into consideration, hear, subscribe, pay attention, find out, mull, gestate, manage, get, admire, assume, use up, carry on, remember, consume, pack, cipher, concede, visit, get hold of, eye, go steady, ensure, forecast, fancy, withdraw, conceptualise, need, roll, bet, deal with, think out, tip over, submit, read, gaze, matter, date, dispense, deem, weigh, believe, hone in on, think about, call up, ingest, get word, hold, accept, convey, Midland, visualization, canvass, divvy up, hit the books, praise, recollect, retrieve, deal out, have visions of (doing) something, see to it, discover, share, numerate, relevant, learn, factor, bat around, provide, meet, carry, rent, chew over, go through, toss around, trade, reconsider, interpret, perpend, conceptualize, deal, believe in, experience, turn over, attend, allot, film, strike, set down, escort, take in, take up, admit, provide for, watch, shell out, mete out, pass, look around, take a long hard look at someone/something, parcel out, ignore, adopt, discuss, necessitate, deny, say, work out, think of, view, flip over, go out, talk through, realise, apportion, number, fill, get wind, contract, take for, think over, have a mind of your own, knock over, trust, occupy, bring, turn to, allow for, claim, accede, address, grapple, hear of, argue, stare, lead, overturn, press, librate, cast, see about, sit up and take notice, call back, heed, canvas, tump over, think up, wrestle, treat, count, take away, call, recognize, get by, entertain, make out, image, assure, care, give (full) rein to something/give something (full) rein, make, ask, acknowledge, involve, take aim, sum up, pick up, cope, engage, zero in on, ruminate, adhere to, select, regard, turn, bowl over, conduct, excogitate, debate, give, opinion, read into, think through, run across, check on, hand, dole out, subscribe to, catch, take notice, appreciate, depend, kick around, analyse, plow, talk, call for, know best, take care, come across, see, revolve, administer, esteem, cover, listen, make do, lease, contend, train, visualise, consult, allow, run into, flip, conceive, realize, portion out, think, pore, understand, incline, handle, fence, get a line, picture, focus, dig, lot, clear the air, shoot, ascertain.

Usage examples: