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Definition of consideration:

  1. Mature thought; reflection; regard; claim to notice; that which induces to an agreement, as in a contract or bargain.


deposit, rumination, considerateness, payback, attachment, burning issue/question, context, circumstance, fancy, for, honor, focus, occasion, puzzle, exigency, regard, advisement, situation, extent, courtesy, pay, hospitality, reflexion, good will, key, precondition, state, debate, in return for, experimental condition, appreciation, element, friendliness, condition, minutiae, requital, event, scope, setting, comity, thoughtfulness, kind, remittance, incident, kindliness, tolerance, friendship, staple, respect, excite, factor, introspection, kindness, liberality, devotion, servant, attitude, shape, affection, perplexity, support, stipulation, settlement, warmth, difficulty, premium, generosity, term, magnitude, estate, emergency, love, charity, status, cause, down payment, retainer, considering, soul-searching, esteem, amity, advance, contribution, recompense, solicitude, feature, pass, favor, core, on account of, evidence, altruism, occurrence, essence, admiration, priority, motive.

Usage examples: