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Definition of consistent:

  1. Uniform; not contradictory or opposed; agreeing.


reconciled, ordered, as good as your word, fledgling, conformable, orderly, dynamic, self-consistent, in agreement, pursuant, nonconflicting, agree, another, sound, dependable, corresponding, new, budding, compatible, congruent, emerging, in accord, correspondent, responsible, tenacious, in its infancy, accordant, equal, secure, unswerving, homogenous, incipient, in the making, logical, unchanging, reliable, duplicatable, same old, same old, equivalent, reputable, trustworthy, legitimate, agreeable, congenial, uniform, duplicable, change, interchangeable, identical, consonant, homogeneous, progressive, faithful, concordant, embryonic, unfailing, different, reproducible, coherent.

Usage examples: