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Definition of console:

  1. An ornamental bracket carved in wood or stone for supporting a cornice; an ornament, as on the key- stone of an arch; a small fancy side- table.
  2. To comfort; to cheer the mind in distress or depression; to soothe.


amusement arcade, hassock, press, arcade game, master switch, encourage, study at comfort, cabinet, gamepad, gameplay, lever, arcade, closet, fast forward, bookcase, comfort, coat peg, locker, hutch, defuse, sympathize with, dressing table, cupboard, bookshelf, control, talk down, adventure game, knob, storage locker, cheval glass, footstool, game controller, condole with, computer game, put someone at (their) ease, dial, console table, put/set someone's mind at ease/at rest, coatstand, release, solace, pause, soothe, comfort, filing cabinet, gamer, panel.

Usage examples: