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Definition of consort:

  1. A companion or partner; a wife or husband- applied to those in exalted station; union; one ship keeping company with another.
  2. To associate; to keep company with.


hightail it, connect, brass, incline, constellation, campaign, cluster, hold, glee club, play, battery, mate, check, draw, accompanied, array, wife, run away, Count, knot, head for the hills, fellow, flow, run, strings, link, function, feed, instrument, pal around, pass, assort, extend, concur, know, lead, choir, run for, accord, agree, helpmate, get along, scat, hang around, accomplice, clutch, correspond, bleed, separate, harmonise, break away, circulate, range, tally, be given, sort out, escape, stringed instrument, aristocrat, grant, huddle, better half, partner, grouping, peer, die hard, race, gibe, parcel, socialize, attend, mix, alto, colligate, baronet, company, harmonize, fit in, chamber orchestra, link up, baronetcy, unravel, lean, husband, lot, coadjutor, gamelan, escort, girl band, ply, baron, go around, hunt down, rhythm section, marriage, classify, prevail, body, chord, chorale, hang around with, tie in, spouse, associate with, track down, take to the woods, combo, class, troop, percussion, jibe, ladder, melt, dance band, near, crop, archduke, hunt, tend, passel, consociate, turn tail, sort, allot, concord, friend, confederate, melt down, band, chum, boodle, ally, execute, comrade, work, associate, tenor, musical instrument, countess, hobnob, guide, operate, lam, scarper, reconcile, colleague, brass band, carry, endure, move, aristocracy, affiliate, ensemble, bunch, match, fit, fly the coop, baroness, relate, see, boy band, hang out, party, course, black market, persist, batch, bunk, accompany, go, fraternize.

Usage examples: