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Definition of conspicuous:

  1. Easy to be seen by the eye; obvious to the mind; prominent; eminent; distinguished.


grabby, not...anything better/worse, couldn't be better/worse/nicer etc., catchy, renowned, illustrious, famed, clamorous, exhibitionistic, inconspicuous, sticking out like a sore thumb, important, vociferous, blazing, fulgent, obvious, commanding, big, celebrated, large, blinding, arresting, unmistakable, flagrant, flaunty, indubitable, noted, eye-catching, dramatic, like nothing on earth, unbelievable, marked, prominent, overt, spectacular, noisy, ostentatious, unadulterated, unconcealed, strident, ultimate, clamant, glaring, egregious, blatant, identifiable, famous, obtrusive, there's nothing better, worse, more exciting etc. than, emphatic, noticeable, striking, exhibitionist, distinguished, open, bodacious, kenspeckle, show up, influential, tangible, notable, patent, flamboyant, brilliant, with/without distinction, well-known, outstanding, featured, palpable, visible, glary, bold, unknown, gross, transparent, pretentious, signal, rank, showy, pronounced, crying, eminent, splashy, notorious, remarkable, attention-getting, in evidence, of your life, pointed, salient, dazzling.

Usage examples: