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Definition of conspire:

  1. To band together to commit crime; to plot; to hatch treason; to combine for an unlawful purpose; to concur to one end.


organize, invoke, scheme, embarrass, collaborate, league, burden, press, evoke, organise, band, plot, raise, unite, concur, combine, let down, bring up against, stir, adjure, count against, entreat, be in league with someone, hatch, beseech, hold back, bid, cabal, join, plan, devise, intrigue, inhibit, get up, put forward, cooperate, conjoin, machinate, collude, get ideas, connive, arouse, bring up, throttle, put up, concert, crimes, conjure, complot, compass, conjure up, plague, disadvantage, call forth, contrive, planned, team, prepare, call down.

Usage examples: