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Definition of constellation:

  1. A cluster or group of stars called by a particular name; an assemblage of beauties or excellencies.


muster, clump, knot, pattern, form, clutch, arsenal, Aries, contour, grouping, configuration of stars, band, Canis Major, star, parcel, assemblage, bunch, Libra, assembly, shape, makeup, getup, array, bevy, format, Orion, zodiac, Ursa Major, Leo, Taurus, Canis Minor, cluster, crop, arrangement, Big Dipper, Sagittarius, lot, set, package, Pictor, stars, boodle, body, suite, passel, bank, Cassiopeia, the Big Dipper, clot, dark matter, block, party, Little Dipper, black hole, cosmic dust, antimatter, planets, Andromeda, celestial object, layout, huddle, bale, sign of the zodiac, Great Bear, comet, configuration, Little Bear, battery, Draco, agglomeration, Cancer, consort, Cygnus, Gemini, collection, Scorpio, asteroid, design, Virgo, ordonnance, Ursa Minor, Aquarius, conformation, Pegasus, Capricorn, assortment, Pisces, batch, Leo Minor.

Usage examples: