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Definition of constituent:

  1. An essential or component part; that which constitutes or composes; a voter for a member of Parliament.
  2. Necessary or essential; elemental.


office, theatrical role, fate, character, characterize, constitutional, exemplify, define, fixings, makeup, factor, divisor, epitomize, organic, subdivision, ingredient, swing voter, dower, built-in, electoral college, building block, region, atom, typify, dowry, security mom, helping, parting, persona, represent, share, role, constitutive, circumstances, serving, chemical element, independent, elector, function, element, electoral, voting, constituency, grammatical constituent, essential, electorate, instalment, incorporated, luck, fortune, component, contribution, destiny, match, enter into, gene, come down to, turnout, broker, voter, include, lot, voice, agent, cistron, parcel, complement, DNA, particle, dowery, fractional, embody, component part, division.

Usage examples: