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Definition of constitution:

  1. The natural frame of body of any human being or any animal; the peculiar temper of the mind, passions, or affections; the peculiar character or structure of anything, as of air; the established form of government in a country; a particular law or regulation.


clay, habit, figure, system, make-up, genius, typography, form, checks and balances, charter, piece of music, opus, amnesty, Balkanisation, fitness, habitus, brass, institution, spirit, character, start-up, colors, report, morals, etiquette, preservation, Balkanization, paper, physical composition, war paint, condition, authorship, shaping, penning, ordinance, containment, temperament, musical composition, standards, well-being, physique, nature, law, essence, complexion, custom, constitutionality, writing, piece, temper, fundamental law, ecesis, establishment, bill, act, makeup, tone, record, governing body, governance, stand, start, as is, formation, rule, disposition, organic law, geological formation, ill health, personality, old ironsides, foundation, theme, census, administration, organization, reputation, convention, state, boondoggle, wellness, enactment, organisation, composing, mental health, self, conscience, decalogue, build, body, canon, statute, composition, constructive engagement, creation, ethics, code, the proprieties, validation, origination.

Usage examples: