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Definition of constitutional:

  1. In familiar language, a brisk walk taken for preserving bodily health.
  2. Inherent in the natural frame of the body or mind; legal; relating to the constitution of a country.


intrinsical, natural, inbuilt, allowable, underlying, perfect, approved, republican, thorough, constitutive, be, fundamental, shape, amble, vital, extreme, intact, expansionist, condition, be within your rights (to do something), intrinsic, constituent, entire, health, built-in, inborn, surface, mosey, developmental, hike, state, original, thoroughgoing, complete, ill health, laissez-faire, integral, anything goes, inborn, indigenous, basic, innate, ingrained, democratic, admissible, hardwired, wellness, walk, native, turn, ingrain, acceptable, imperialist, trudge, move, tramp, Interior, OK, vital, inherent, essential, fitness, start, connatural, wander, eligible, hawkish, implicit in, congenital, licensed, mental health, radical, bureaucratic, Congressional, positive, nongovernmental, trek, total, stroll, organic, ramble, representative, primitive, inbred, well-being, constitution, indwelling, immanent, elemental.

Usage examples: