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Definition of constraint:

  1. Any force or power, physical or moral, that compels to do or keeps from doing; urgency.


shyness, bashfulness, trammel, coyness, self-command, refrainment, timidity, attack, arm-twisting, self-censorship, simpleness, check, willpower, force, self-restraint, boundary, simplicity, coercion, repression, temperance, pressure, reserve, modesty, arrest, restraint, limit, fetter, limited, duress, curb, coldness, range, unobtrusiveness, violence, circumscription, awkwardness, cramp, continence, confines, backwardness, humility, chasteness, discretion, stiff upper lip, strength, captivity, discipline, dignity, self-control, limitation, limitation, diffidence, self-discipline.

Usage examples: