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Definition of constrict:

  1. To draw together; to bind; to draw into a narrow compass.


shorten, specify, twitch, take, gouge, compact, urge on, press out, rack, coerce, pack together, shove, tweet, regulate, weight-lift, concentrate, twinge, hale, bid, press, iron out, embrace, urge, extort, force, constringe, dwarf, thrust, sign on, stuff, keep down, wide, sign up, pinch, wring, push, contract, foreshorten, undertake, shrink, squelch, wad, fight, condense, sign, capsule, crush, weigh, thin, agitate, free, abbreviate, specialise, entreat, capsulize, curb, squeeze, crusade, compress, cut, pressure, let down, conjure, weightlift, bundle, determine, increase, mash, pack, narrow down, peg down, campaign, abridge, shrivel, telescope, scale back, beseech, wedge, nail down, squash, reduce, hug, bosom, narrow, limit, cure, cramp, contain, adjure, specialize, pin down, exhort, iron, get, tighten, collapse.

Usage examples: