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Definition of construct:

  1. To form or build; to compose and put in order; to make; to invent.


confect, manage, compel, imagine, fabricate, require, establish, rebuild, thought, do, organism, take a crap, innovation, object, wee-wee, progress, contrive, effect, arrive at, philosophy, erect, bring to pass, defecate, piss, pee, theory, force, circle, nominate, thing, stimulate, trace, pee-pee, invention, micturate, give, draw, bring about, put together, make believe, cook up, pull in, outline, prioritize, reach, imprint, redo, streak, principle, concoct, go up, build up, spend a penny, idea, earn, stool, realise, piece, take in, piddle, take a shit, realize, relieve oneself, carve, item, reorganize, make up, think, creation, envision, puddle, score, mark out, codify, urinate, cause, drum up, fix, assemble, reconstruct, remodel, constrain, shit, take a leak, extend, make out, vamp, become, restore, induce, systematize, perform, restructure, entity, rear, ca-ca, take, retrace, mold, pass water, trump up, manufacture, forge, ideal, commitment, bits and pieces, faith, operate, put up, render, work up, hit, concept, get, attain, belief, bring in, crap, excogitation, clear, build, article, get to, throw up, whole, excogitate, pretend, mark, conception, throw, name, wee, bring into being, have, cook, lay down, coordinate, hold, raise, seduce, design, ramp up, engrave, progress to, stuff, gain, set up, work, make water, occasion.

Usage examples: