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Definition of construction:

  1. The thing formed or built; the proper arrangement and connection of words in a sentence; the sense, meaning, or interpretation, as of the words of another, & c.; the manner of drawing figures or diagrams in mathematics.


wrench, contour, manifestation, plait, configuration, foundation, device, look, format, aspect, kink, agree with, meaning, collocation, face, type, cohesion, twisting, planning, winding, concord, complementation, sense, crook, locution, explication, spin, turn, grammatical construction, block, conjugate, facility, system, gimmick, braid, plan, fortification, twist, installation, causation, facial expression, comparison, saying, explanation, develop, disposition, outline, bodily structure, reflexion, structure, thrust, significance, explain, form, social organization, mold, illustration, cause and effect, exposition, subtext, prefab, eddy, conformation, elevation, connotation, reflection, building, determination, illumination, wind, systematization, masonry, cast, body structure, the built environment, improvisation, decipherment, collocate, denotation, pull, mental synthesis, social organisation, folly, whirl, cut, turn of events, anatomical structure, complex body part, expression, causality, declension, infill, verbalism, lay, assembly, formula, twirl, build, interpretation, road map, erection, social system, elicitation, organization, social structure, clarification, elucidation, cultivation, exegesis, recreation, enucleation, bend, substance, tress, usage, verbal expression, assemblage.

Usage examples: