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Definition of consult:

  1. To seek the opinion of another; to ask advice of; to seek for information in, as in books; to have regard to, in acting or judging.


meditate, confabulation, turn to, scout, dialogue, argy-bargy, chatter, powwow, take up with, give-and-take, collect, investigate, touch, claver, confer with, chit-chat, check with, take counsel, back-and-forth, shoot the breeze, cite, denote, claver, sound out, consider with, ask advice of, reflect, pick someone's brains, consultation, check up on, bestow, confabulate, colloquy, ponder, ask, relate, argument, bring up, look into, ask around, words, concern, touch on, be closeted with, compare notes, gather, shall, put heads together, negotiate, dig, follow up, bear on, deliberate, name, have, confer, chitchat, weigh, delve, look up, conference, refer, k the opinion of, argumentation, visit, talk through, council, look to, canvass, advert, deliberation, mention, talk over, confab, refer to, chew the fat, call in, conspire with, palaver, research, advise with, natter, huddle, consider, pertain, come to, have-to doe with, gossip, counsel with, k advice, interview, jaw, chaffer, clear the air.

Usage examples: