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Definition of consultation:

  1. A meeting of two or more persons for deliberation on some matter.


council, cite, appointment, briefing, soundings, consult, book of facts, extension, argy-bargy, reference, AGM, deliberation, argumentation, acknowledgment, reference book, quotation, dialogue, probe, opinion poll, palaver, conclave, reference work, reference point, back-and-forth, investigation, audience, point of reference, words, deliberation, address, colloquy, public inquiry, caucus, annual meeting, exchange, negotiation, inquest, exploration, interview, colloquium, citation, assembly, commentary, give-and-take, confab, inquiry, credit, mention, character, character reference, talks, denotation, counsel, source, trawl, search, computer address, hearing, elicitation, audioconferencing.

Usage examples: