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Definition of consummate:

  1. Perfect.


rank, total, compleat, simple, dreadful, realize, unadulterated, thoroughgoing, jump into bed with someone, masterly, plumb, actualize, blank, experienced, asset, fulfil, crashing, do, uttermost, limited, terminated, capacity, professed, indefectible, bring about, copulate, all over, unflawed, versed, unreserved, crackerjack, utmost, transliterate, perpetrate, business, flat, work out, gross, damned, expert, crack, Midland, gifted, everlasting, nth, damn, fair, cotton-picking, sodding, bodacious, business plan, unalloyed, big, concluded, all-out, lie with, masterful, discharge, practiced, pure, adept, bed, complete, dead, bring to pass, profound, ended, wrap up, able, stone, perfect, skilled, make love, very, outright, staring, utter, account, unbounded, double-dyed, unlimited, effect, unrelieved, start, commit, out-and-out, carry out, max, over, downright, ace, regular, book, last, wind up, carry through, virtuoso, beauty parade, brokerage, sleep with, flat-out, deadly, sleep together, veteran, spend the night with someone, great, arrant, educated, good, unmitigated, outside, cannibalize, perform, capable, blooming, stark, skillful, thorough, straight-out, top, transact, clean, be intimate with someone, plain, broking, sheer.

Usage examples: