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Definition of consumption:

  1. The act of consuming; a wasting away of the body by disease, generally understood of the lungs; the use of the products of industry.


account, exploitation, role, usage, conservation, damage, diminution, inlet, avian flu, adoption, comparison-shop, expenditure, outlay, tuberculosis, health, enjoyment, wasting disease, misuse, disease, inhalation, purpose, employment, exhaustion, AIDS, phthisis, burning, implementation, saving, use of goods and services, caveat emptor, habit, application, economic consumption, using up, wear, utilization, charge account, custom, amoebic dysentery, using, expending, usance, chlamydia, destruction, black lung, wear and tear, manipulation, ingest, operation, touch, aspiration, ruin, try, bilharzia, bite, can, swallow, take, give, intake, consume, decay, uptake, ingestion, bird flu, devastation, credit, phthisic, function, tuberculosis, pulmonary tuberculosis, inspiration, batch, acquisition, have, chickenpox, outgo, depletion, crumb, waste, white plague, bowlful, use, c., bubonic plague, bed, cake, used, breathing in, utilisation, brand loyalty, the Black Death, spending, dispersion, exercise, dissipation, loss, desolation, drug addiction, manage, charge card, bowl, eat, conspicuous consumption.

Usage examples: