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Definition of contain:

  1. To be able to hold; to have capacity; to comprehend; to hold within limits; to include; to embrace; to inclose.


bring, lease, choose, cop, integrate, drive out, halt, charter, chase away, cease, check out, assume, take up, drive off, checker, correspond, apply, constitute, master, deal with, accept, impart, comport, entail, defend, break off, concur, rein, get hold of, suss out, guard, deport, restraint, put up, conduct, have a bun in the oven, learn, assure, select, extend, entertain, view as, look into, block off, chequer, fill, hold off, keep, rule, ensure, acquit, forbear, regulate, restrict, claim, terminate, direct, match, expect, be, bear, guide, channel, hold up, squeeze out, convey, find out, comprehend, submit, bar, stamp down, determine, number, take away, intercept, revert, govern, tolerate, stand, concord, go over, finish, harbor, get, obtain, yield, admit, embody, go for, settle, read, birth, take hold, drive, muster, give, measure, sway, lead, retard, have, gibe, comprise, nail, rent, control, incorporate, ascertain, command, withdraw, dispel, look at, curb, return, shoot, obligate, boast, mince, hold, necessitate, require, declare, strike, crack, subdue, regress, soften, reserve, stop, see, take for, chair, wear, block up, see to it, consume, maintain, dribble, exact, wait, take aim, invert, tone down, interfere with, consider, deem, delay, simmer down, persuade, ingest, end, stick out, check into, train, drive away, pay, cure, pick out, contents, behave, collar, carry, Hold, post, take over, quit, jibe, block, acquire, study, remove, oblige, agree, nurse, pack, blockade, conquer, check over, harbour, calm, make up, stock, ask, defy, hem in, support, collect, insure, call for, manipulate, tick, suffer, occupy, deliver, kibosh, constrain, cool, watch, inhibit, adjudge, check, take, pull in, condition, involve, fit, limit, represent, abide, mark off, hold in, reverse, discontinue, stomach, repress, subscribe, suppress, consist, lay off, prevail, contract, tally, backtrack, engage, double back, check up on, full, gestate, cut into, restrain, hire, transport, have got, keep back, give up, seat, temper, catch, verify, stockpile, retain, bridle, turn out, mark, manage, film, hold back, deal, bottle up, consist of, kill, tick off, digest, run, apprehend, moderate, adopt, turn back, hold on, discipline, subscribe to, use up, break, sustain, curtail, need, house, demand, book, check off, pick up, shut off, kettle, engulf, run off, re-collect, take in, tame, throw, kill off, withstand, stamp out, express, brook, keep in line, compose, ring, take on, arrest, barricade, conceal, nab, stop over, keep down, aim, bind, retrovert, give birth, endure, operate, chasten, cut back, make, postulate, subsume, transmit.

Usage examples: