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Definition of contempt:

  1. The act of despising; the act of viewing or treating as utterly mean, vile, and worthless; disobedience or disrespect to a court, or to a constituted authority; disgrace; shame.


disgust, disrespect, bigamy, offensive, loathing, conspiracy, stigma, discourtesy, despite, despisal, derisive, worthless, despisement, criminal negligence, defamation, recalcitrance, condescension, bioterrorism, blackmail, revulsion, antagonism, repulsion, scorn, enmity, animosity, disdain, contempt of court, contemptuous, disdainful, scornful, child abuse, resist, agriterrorism, defiance, familiarity breeds contempt, disregard, despitefulness, dishonor, respect, derogatory, contemptuousness, patronage, dislike, slight, misprision, recalcitrancy, hatred, despicable.

Usage examples: