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Definition of contention:

  1. Strife; violent struggle or effort to obtain something; quarrel; strife in words.


public debate, competition, allegation, dogfight, side issue, item, line, literary argument, joust, sway, disceptation, ground, competitor, polemic, challenger, claim, war, arguing, rock, duel, match, controversy, schism, rival, starting point, demurrer, rhubarb, list, spat, ball game, disputation, charge, faction, leaning, deposition, tilt, fight, word, tiff, misunderstanding, bicker, contest, focus, lean, rivalry, argument, broil, sticking point, combat, dissentience, explanation, profession, declaration, wrangle, inclination, face-off, fray, careen, asseveration, contestation, tug-of-war, run-in, avowal, debate, difficulty, a war of words, stand, affray, inharmony, sidelight, variance, argumentation, contender, logical argument, grapple, point of order, line of reasoning, plea, substance, tangle, advancement, parameter, sweepstakes.

Usage examples: