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Definition of contest:

  1. Struggle; conflict; dispute.
  2. To dispute; to struggle or strive earnestly; to litigate; to oppose; to emulate.


enter, dustup, bout, manage, scrum, affair, hassle, repugn, trial, differ, challenger, duel, competition, reject, race, face-off, dissent, ride, scrap, represent, face, argue, compete, ball game, postulate, contend, oppose, contradict, passage of arms, contention, rival, competitor, dogfight, controversy, tourney, make do, cope, take up, game, encounter, grapple, scrimmage, vie, confrontation, take issue with someone/something, play, get by, tug of war, disagree, clash, fray, free-for-all, debate, fracas, rivalry, corrivalry, tournament, fence, match, contender, action, skirmish, matchup, meet, react against, striving, dispute, make out, event, strife, deal, sweepstakes.

Usage examples: