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Definition of continent:

  1. A large extent of land containing many countries; the mainland; the countries of the mainland of Europe, especially as distinguished from the British Islands.
  2. Restrained; moderate; temperate; chaste.


simple, the Antarctic, genuine, chaste, unpolluted, holy, clear, perfect, incorrupt, Africa, immaculate, real, untarnished, unspotted, mere, self-denying, Asia, stainless, abstemious, the Arctic, absolute, clean, the Celtic fringe, unadulterated, continental landmass, unmixed, Central America, upright, undefiled, virtuous, sober, spotless, guiltless, classic, landmass, celibate, guileless, Australasia, biome, unsullied, self-abnegating, true, Atlantic Rim, uncorrupted, America, sheer, temperate, restraint, the Caribbean, pure, unmingled, classical, major earth division, unstained, body of land, unblemished, abstentious, Asia-Pacific, region, untainted, innocent, climate, abstinent, Europe.

Usage examples: