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Definition of continuation:

  1. Uninterrupted succession; carrying on to a further point, as a line or a story.


iteration, reduplication, return, reorganization, furtherance, appendix, segment, succession, bit, continuance, ratification, part, restoration, postlude, wait, prolongation, resumption, increase, good continuation, correction, onset, cessation, section, continuing, end, complement, postscript, repetition, portion, reoccurrence, permanence, continue, reappearance, starting point, afterthought, sustenance, consistency, endurance, revival, pause, renewal, subdivision, continuity, protraction, piece, subsequence, arrival, unit, supplement, durability, resurgence, abidance, recapitulation, commencement, subsistence, eternity, emendation, appearance, augmentation, beginning, survival, revision, sequel, addition, lengthening, longevity, continuum, outset, propagation, production, sequence, perpetuation, ceaselessness, stability, repeating, spinoff, duration, substructure, preservation, reiteration, detail, introduction, law of continuation, constancy, peroration, installment, persistency, epilogue, continuousness, recurrence, start, conception, line, enduring, wake, lengthiness.

Usage examples: