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Definition of continue:

  1. To abide or remain in a state or place; to endure; to extend from one thing to another; to protract; to persevere in.


throw in, inhabit, resume, pass, expand, restart, carry, persist, press ahead, survive, come about, poke out, abide, persevere, breed, keep going, hold, rerun, concern, comprehend, hatch, wait, insure, bide, widen, stride, prosecute, pursue, preserve, embrace, keep talking, incubate, go on (with), hold back, slip by, save, report, prevent, open, stray, exsert, get across, keep up, appease, stretch, renew, carry on, walk, touch on, follow through, advance, hold up, step, address, lodge, enshroud, relate, proceed, amble, detain, reproduce, stick, retain, find your tongue, treat, retry, come back to, cover, hold open, move on, bear upon, handle, pertain, go forward, reopen, await, shroud, track, reach out, keep, bring back, pass over, slide by, hold on, restrain, bear on, stick to, hap, slip away, compensate, rest, conserve, broaden, strain, go, sojourn, come up, unfold, keep back, outride, stretch out, stretch forth, lapse, deal, stick around, take place, come to, flow, hike, take hold, touch, carry (on), keep up, offer, act up, stay the course, last, uphold, perdure, put out, pass off, outlive, happen, wrap up, plow, stand, fall out, break your silence, stay put, keep on, refer, cut across, get on, remain, repeat, confront, move, quell, underwrite, stay, take up, brood, push, overcompensate, delay, hide, remain, march on, impact, persist in, get out, cross, run, stop, come on, stay on, hold out, begin, go on, get over, pick up, add, elapse, pass on, anticipate, ride out, saunter, cover up, run on, endure, observe, maintain, have-to doe with, gallop, latency, keep reading keep it up, glide by, trek, last out, bring up, replay, affect, stroll, outlast, celebrate, overlay, cut through, spread over, traverse, stay fresh, go along, progress, encompass, watch, expect, conduct, lead, keep open, wander, draw out, play along, go by, Stay.

Usage examples: