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Definition of contrast:

  1. Opposition or difference of qualities made manifest by direct comparison; opposition of outline or colour to increase effect.
  2. To oppose different things, qualities, or conditions to each other that, by comparison, the superior excellence of one of them may be seen; to set things in opposition, or side by side, in order that the superiority of one of them may be exhibited in a more striking point of view.


melodic phrase, air, inconsistency, be nothing like, channel, counterpoint, personal credit line, vary, dissimilitude, differentiate, assembly line, flicker, personal line of credit, pipeline, disagreement, production line, glitter, juxtapose, parentage, crinkle, stemma, twinkle, short letter, ancestry, agate line, collide, distinctiveness, reverse, stock, light, line of business, otherness, logical argument, credit line, wrinkle, same, stick out, rail line, line of descent, check against, unlikeness, course, railway line, dividing line, line of work, distance, communication channel, line, sameness, phone line, cable, demarcation, opposition, line of reasoning, bloodline, lineage, oppose, note, dissociate, flash, antithesis, dazzle, contrariety, heterogeneity, descent, direct contrast, agreement, subscriber line, pedigree, glare, adverse, contraposition, diverseness, limit, similarity, gleam, opposite, inverse, billet, crease, disparateness, sparkle, stand out, radiance, oneness, telephone line, strain, incompatibility, distinguish, link, foil, line of merchandise, line of credit, product line, equality, tell/see the difference, connect, seam, converse, line of products, demarcation line, disagree, tune, unity, occupation, bank line, set against, telephone circuit, discriminate, furrow, origin, melodic line, business line, a world of difference, melody, blood line, compare, collision, argumentation, transmission line, business, job, argument, blood.

Usage examples: