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Definition of contribute:

  1. To give or grant in a common with others, as to a common stock; to pay a share; to give a part or share; to impart aid or influence to a common purpose.


add together, leave, lend, convey, run, moderate, make, can, fall in, kick in, hand, stomach, brook, add, put forward, stick out, put pen to paper, conduct, chair, break, commit something to paper/writing, put-up, raise, dedicate, get past, support, suffer, bring, pitch in, write, pass, collapse, establish, get, pass on, land, institute, subscribe, tally, chip in, conduce, erect, note, distribute, benefit, tot up, kick down, open, consecrate, domiciliate, total, result, participate, precede, transcribe, promote, hand over, come across, append, direct, yield, founder, endure, sacrifice, cave in, ease up, set down, move over, bear, throw, summate, lead, add up, go, take, make for, channel, get down, nominate, tolerate, part with, transmit, foster, wreak, stand, tote up, nurture, set in, apply, tot, start, abide, volunteer, generate, impart, gift, hold, digest, commit, get through, rear, sum, reach, house, carry, get behind, nurse, give, fetch, tin, hand out, turn over, bestow, sum up, set up, top, partake, guide, play, confer, bring in, compose, record, head, copy down, afford, have, return, help out, post, work, give way.

Usage examples: