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Definition of contrivance:

  1. The act of planning or devising; the thing planned or devised; a scheme.


thingamabob, gear, originality, gubbins, appliance, gizmo, black box, craft, innovation, backstory, thing, contraption, comfort station, denouement, the credits, widget, imaginativeness, accouterments, make, devisal, public convenience, cheat, dodge, fancy, finesse, ideation, cunning, ad-lib, inventiveness, guile, mechanism, jigger, whatchamacallit, hoax, lash-up, thingumabob, dirty tricks, gadget, gambit, convenience, act, public lavatory, content, tackle, doojigger, aside, concern, thingummy, stratagem, big beast, automation, restroom, gismo, array, material, doohickey, comic relief, thingmajig, toilet facility, dodging, imposture, action, thingumajig, thingamajig, automaton, clunker, blind, art, creativity, discovery, public toilet, whatchamacallum, harness, thingmabob, fantasy, creation, coinage, expedient, concoction, wile, brainchild, wash room, whatsis, fraud, prank.

Usage examples: