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Definition of control:

  1. Any of the physical factors determining the climate of any particular place, as latitude, distribution of land and water, altitude, exposure, prevailing winds, permanent high- or low- barometric- pressure areas, ocean currents, mountain barriers, soil, and vegetation.
  2. The complete apparatus used to control a mechanism or machine in operation, as a flying machine in flight;
  3. the mechanism controlling the rudders and ailerons.


give, delay, visualize, simplicity, mince, overtop, chasteness, accountant, ensure, hold up, obligate, go, swan, escort, crack, concord, remote control, simpleness, defend, verify, authorisation, go for, construe, instrument, wangle, collect, simmer down, tick off, assure, program line, fake, adjudge, have, operate, gibe, retain, check into, pick up, get the hang, go through, go out, subordination, fit, curb, harbour, stamp down, reserve, chair, lock, watch, cut back, obtain, turn back, visualise, experience, comprise, realize, mastery, attend, tame, view, break, defy, get a line, hear, book, tell, require, cover, withstand, figure, comptroller, bidding, make, authorization, hold back, dominance, see, chequer, say-so, operate on, deem, apply, keep in line, check out, aver, ascendance, interpret, regulator, restrainer, halt, over, find, statement, handle, realise, pull strings, encounter, chasten, button, swear, bid, underwrite, meet, restraint, project, reassure, mark off, tick, laterality, take, soften, manipulate, function, mark, command, key, checker, take in, ascendance, fancy, knob, throw, learn, find out, pull wires, declare, dial, mesh, picture, promise, take care, tone down, control condition, look, hold in, guarantee, date, take hold, admit, retard, moderate, consider, envision, guard, maneuver, get wind, check over, jibe, tally, discover, fudge, bear, witness, ascendency, match, concur, check up on, take for, keep back, correspond, regard, temper, lever, view as, misrepresent, suss out, ascendancy, manoeuvre, cook, assert, get over, carry, overlook, work, get word, ascertain, catch, reign over, incorporate, engage, go over, have got, arrest, governor, keyboard, determine, machine, check, ascendence, run across, mold, cool, manoeuver, come across, visit, contain, run into, instruction, enclose, run, switch, falsify, sustain, nurse, reckon, accommodate, secure, understand, go steady, harbor, stop, conceal, rig, insure, agree, keep, oblige, master, see to it, condition, image, examine, avow, affirm, check off, entertain, look into, train, dictation, subdue, controller.

Usage examples: