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Definition of controversy:

  1. Controversial.


hostility, careen, squabble, falling-out, statement, word, disputation, contestation, animosity, parameter, tiff, argumentation, logical argument, contest, joust, inclination, cross fire, debate, feud, row, competition, list, leaning, literary argument, run-in, argument, hassle, lean, bitterness, broil, affray, sway, argy-bargy, contretemps, disceptation, scrap, altercation, polemic, tilt, rock, brawl, set-to, contention, kickup, donnybrook, rhubarb, tangle, fray, spat, difficulty, public debate, wrangle, bicker, firestorm, battle royal, clash, difference, line, dissensus, arguing, strife, misunderstanding, nonconcurrence, imbroglio, line of reasoning, rivalry, argle-bargle, disagreement, fight, a war of words, enmity.

Usage examples: