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Definition of convenience:

  1. Suitableness; commodiousness; what is suited to wants or necessity.


water closet, expediency, creature comfort, appropriately, dodge, trouble, washroom, awkwardness, widget, thingumabob, mod con, appurtenance, suitableness, benefit, avail, help, when one has time, gadget, thingmajig, receptiveness, whatsis, adaptability, nicety, amenity, doohickey, comfort, accommodation, usefulness, luxury, thingamabob, thingmabob, public lavatory, nearness, support, potty, thingummy, lash-up, restroom, public toilet, comfort station, comforts, stratagem, contrivance, lavatory, doojigger, devisal, bog, means, discomfort, gubbins, john, thingumajig, whatchamacallum, advantage, gismo, preference, creature comforts, liberty, assistance, aid, whatchamacallit, wash room, thingamajig, handiness, accessibility, any time, when opportune, service, gizmo, head, unfitness, loo, latrine, succor, bath, can, public convenience, openness, relief, appliance, contraption, toilet facility, accessory, cloakroom, satisfaction, bathroom, freedom.

Usage examples: